insulation panels

Polyurethane Insulation Panels

Thickness: 120mm, 150mm.

 Storage Temp. range: -35 to 20℃.

Type: double-sided 0.6mm 304 stainless steel.

Density≥40±2 kg/m3.

Hidden joint panel: the tongue-groove joints allow the fasteners to embed and improve the appearance of the joints. Cold loss through the joint is minimized.


The evaporator adopts the world's advanced liquid supply mode, with higher heat exchange efficiency, faster cooling speed and faster defrosting. All tubes are expanded hydraulically rather than mechanically. Variable fin pitch used to delay the frost formation on the fins surface. Longer frosting interval. Easy access and cleaning.

The evaporator shall bear the pressure test of 24kg/cm2 and maintain the pressure for 24 hours. Variable pitch design slows down frost formation.

Frame: SUS304 stainless steel

Evaporating tubes: aluminum alloy, thickness 2.2mm

Fin: Aluminum, thickness 0.4mm

Evaporator (1)
Evaporator (2)
Evaporator (3)
Evaporator (1)

Belt Conveyor

Food grade Stainless Steel mesh belt or modular plastic belt, high strength.

Width 400 to 2000 mm, can custom design different mesh pitch.

Optional edge guard board to prevent products dropping.

High ventilation, high efficiency.