Fluidized Tunnel Freezer for Fruit, Vegetables, Seafood, Pastry, Shrimp, and Shellfish

Short Description:

The fluidized tunnel freezer adopts the latest and advanced technology idea of fluidization, which ensures products’ even frozen and not sticking together. It freezes products by mechanical vibration and air pressure, making them in a semi or fully suspended state, so as to realize individual quick freezing and prevent adhesion.

It’s mainly suitable for quick freezing fruit and vegetables in granular, flaky, bulk, such as green beans, cowpeas, peas, soybeans,  broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, litchi, yellow peach, etc.

Product Features


1. High freezing efficiency, various frozen products.

2. Stainless steel centrifugal fans guarantee rated air volume and air pressure.

3. The wide windward and variable fin pitch design of the aluminum alloy evaporator prolong the defrosting time and improve heat exchange efficiency. The unique liquid supply mode makes the heat exchange more sufficient and the effect more obvious.

internal structure of iqf
控制柜四门子 800x704

4. Automatic control system and frequency conversion technology, stepless speed adjustment of the mesh belt, also equipped with alarm device and emergency button to ensure the safe operation of the freezer.

5. All inside spare parts are stainless steel materials,easy to clean and maintain.

6. The conveyor mesh belt is made of high-strength SUS304, safer to use.

internal of iqf

7. The vibration device and efficient centrifugal fan used in fluidized bed tunnel freezer help to separate the products without sticking and increase the freezing efficiency.

Product Installation

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fluidized tunnel freezer
iqf for vegetables

Why Choose Us

Why Choose AMF Fluidized Tunnel Freezer

1. Quality: better quick-freezing effect than traditional spray freezers, higher quality of frozen products than blast freezers.

2. Capacity: High production capacity freezer.

3. Flexibility: can handle a wide range of production capacities and multiple options to meet your specific production needs.

4. Cost: higher efficiency than traditional cryogenic refrigerators, reducing operating costs and capital investment.

5. Footprint: Compared to traditional cryogenic or mechanical freezers, more products can be quickly frozen in a smaller space.

Our Service

Customized Design Service

★ Customized design equipment according to your site condition.
★ Equipment technical consultation service.

Installation & Commissioning Service

★ Training how to install the machine, training how to use the machine.
★ Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Product Video

Product Application

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