Single Spiral Freezer for Aquatic, Pastry, Poultry, Bakery, Patty, and Convenient Food

Short Description:

The single spiral freezer produced by AMF is an energy-saving fast freezing device with compact structure, wide application range, small occupied space, and large freezing capacity. It is applicable to individual quick frozen of aquatic products, pastry, meat products, dairy products, and prepared food, etc.

The height of inlet and outlet device is adjustable in single spiral freezer in oder to match the production lines or packaging line of customers. We can do customized design and manufacture according to your needs and site constraints.


Product Features

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Delivery mode: 

Two delivery modes can be chosen to match your production line and packaging line:

1. Low infeed and high outfeed.

2. high infeed and low outfeed.

Thermal insulation enclosure: made of double-sided SUS304 and PU foaming, which has strong heat insulation effect. 

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The sealing and heating device equipped can prevent the access door from freezing.

Conveyor belt: adopts special high strength SUS304 to improve the service life of the device and there are baffles on both sides to prevent food from falling.

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Evaporator: the aluminum alloy evaporator, aluminum pipes and fins are densely designed for good heat exchange. Variable fin pitch design adopted in the evaporator can effectively prevent  frost blockage and improve heat exchange efficiency.

Intelligent control system: monitoring the operation status of the belt at any time, eliminating unnecessary losses caused by wrong operation. SUS304 electric control panel, can be controlled by relay, PLC or touch screen.

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Structure Single drum
Tiers 4 to 40 tiers
Cage dia. 1,620 to 5,800mm
Belt Food grade SUS304 mesh belt or modular plastic belt.
Belt width 520 to 1,372mm
Inlet device length 500 to 4,000mm
Outlet device length 500 to 4,000mm
Electrical power local country voltage
Electrical system SUS304 control cabinet, insulated enclosure, touch screen, protection device.
Refrigerant Freon, Ammonia, CO2

Our Service

1. Reliable and stable employee team

We have reliable and stable employees in R&D, production, and installation department, who have more than 17 years of experience in freezing system industry, so that we can provide you with one-stop service, from IQF customization design, equipment selection, assembly test, professional training to after-sale service etc.

2. Customized Design Solutions

Customize the most suitable equipment according to the frozen products, your site condition and production line. If you have your own brand, we can also customize and put your brand on the machine.

3. High output, energy saving and environmental protection

The air flow and temperature distribution are uniform through reasonable structural design to achieve the best heat transfer and minimum product dehydration.

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Poultry Products

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