Thawing System,Low Temperature High Humidity Defrosting System,1T-30T can be customized on demand

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Low temperature high humidity defrosting room is equipped with refrigeration system, heating system, humidification system and circulation system. The working principle is to use the low temperature and high humidity air to blow the products uniformly. The thawing temperature, humidity and time are controlled in stages through the PLC control system, which make the products be thawed under the environment with reasonable temperature and humidity. The low temperature high humidity defrosting room is mainly used for defrosting of frozen blocky meat. Compared with other thawing methods, the low temperature thawing room has more uniform cross-contamination and low water loss rate.

Product Features


1. High thawing quality
During the thawing process, the temperature difference between the product center and surface is within a minimum range, so that the frozen product is uniformly thawed from the center to the surface. The defrosted product keeps as fresh as before quick-freezing.

2. Low weight loss rate of products
Frozen food is thawed always in a low-temperature and high-humidity environment. The thawed food cells have little loss of sap, which maintains the original color and flavor, reduces the loss of nutrients, and lower the weight loss rate. It reduces the losses and earns more profit for food enterprises.


3. Unique thawing method
Adopting high-efficiency humidification system and thawing in staged temperature. The thawing time is shortened on the premise of ensuring the quality of products.

4. High standard food hygiene requirements
The sterilizing and disinfecting device can be installed in the room to completely remove the bacteria in the air and inside the equipment, which eliminate secondary pollution of the food and meet the food hygiene requirements.


5. Simple operation and strong applicability
Low temperature high humidity thawing machine adopts fully automatic controlling. The thawing time and temperature can be adjusted according to the requirements of different frozen products. After thawing, it will automatically change to the state of cold storage. The fresh food in the refrigerated state can be taken out at any time.

6. Wide range of applicable frozen products
Widely used in meat, aquatic products, and other food processing industries.

7. Custom-manufacturing
The output and room size can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements and actual site conditions.


Product Application

Aquatic Products
Aquatic Products
Aquatic Products
Pastry products5
Pastry products6
Pastry products7

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