What is IQF freezer? What its uses and applications?

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Nowadays, there are many different ways to quick freeze vegetables. Some of these include but are not limited to plate freezing, blast cooling, tunnel freezing, fluid-bed freezing, cryogenics, and dehydro-freezing.

As for which method is right for you, that depends on the quality you want from your freezing method, depending on factors such as financial limitations and storage dynamics, IQF freezer may a good choice for your products.


IQF is a food freezing tactic that prevents big ice crystals from forming inside of vegetable cells. With IQF, it should be noted that every single piece of produce (literally every pea, corn kernel, etc.) is individually frozen to perfection. With IQF, there are no food particles. The result is a final product that is not frozen solid into a brick of ice.

What is IQF?

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When we talk about IQF and its relation to frozen food packaging and storage, we are talking about "Individually Quick Frozen."

This style of frozen food packaging is incredibly unique due to its ability to individually freeze all elements of a product, with each item separately frozen.

So, if we froze a batch of peas, the peas will not get clumped and stuck together in one massive frozen block of peas. Instead, every single pea will be separated inside the packaging. IQF makes it much easier to freeze and store items such as plumbs, blueberries, corn, salmon, lobster, and pork. It should be noted that the product will "flow" (move through your packaging line) better as it is weighed and packaged.

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Technological advances in the ways that products can be frozen are gaining momentum. The speed at which foods can now be frozen has also significantly increased. This results in higher quality products getting to market at a much faster pace than was previously possible.

Storing frozen food has also evolved over time for the manufacturer, who, is ever pressed to produce more, better, faster while still producing top quality for the consumer. However, the focus of modern freezing technology is focused on the speed that a product can be frozen.

Product Application

This is where IQF technology owns the market.

Aquatic Products

Aquatic Products

Poultry Products

Poultry Products

Pastry Products

Pastry Products


Bakery Products

Prepared meals

Prepared Meals

Prepared meals

Convenient/Preserved Products

Ice cream products

Ice Cream Products

Fruit& vegetable products

Fruit& Vegetable Products

Pork and Beef Products


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