Solid Belt Tunnel Freezer for Shrimp, Salmon, Fish fillets, Squid, Meat, and Scallops

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Solid belt tunnel freezer is an IQF freezer designed and manufactured in accordance with HACCP’s hygienic requirements for food processing equipment. It is suitable for freezing food with large water content, such as salmon, shrimp, fish fillets, squid, meat, and scallops. Food is in direct contact with the solid conveyor and can be frozen quickly and efficiently.

Product Features

Impingement Solid Belt Tunnel Freezer for Fish (1)

Thermal insulation library board: adopts double-sided SUS304 and polyurethane, and the access door is equipped with double sealing and heating device to prevent it from freezing.

Solid board: adopts high strength SUS304 solid board with flat surface, making the appearance of frozen products neat and beautiful, and the width of the conveyor belt can be selected according to customer requirement.

Solid Belt Tunnel Freezer for Shrimp, Salmon, Fish fillets, Squid, Meat, and Scallops

High-efficiency and low-noise axial fans, transparent heat exchange technology, makes the freezing speed fast and the drying consumption small.

Evaporator:  adopts aluminum alloy material, aluminum tube and aluminum fin, easy to clean. The variable flake distance design can effectively prevent frosting and prolong the defrosting time. The unique liquid supply method makes the heat exchange more sufficiently.

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控制柜四门子 800x704

Double insurance drive and intelligent control system, prevent solid belt from running off or slipping and ensure the safe operation of the equipment.


Structure Single/ Twin
Belt Food grade SS solid belt
Belt width range 1200 to 1500mm
Enclosure SS control panel enclosure, PLC control, touch screen, safety sensors
Infeed length 2200 to 5000mm, can be customized
Outfeed length 500 to 1200mm, can be customized
Electrical power Local country voltage
Refrigerant Freon, Ammonia, CO2

Why choose us

Reliable and stable employee team: with our reliable team workers from R&D, production and installation departments, all have more than 15+ years  experience in IQF industry, we can provide you with one-stop solutions, from customized craft design, equipment selection, assembly test, professional training to after-sale service etc.

Quality control: We always sticks to the quality first principle and has obtained the certificate of ISO9001 quality management system. All part suppliers have met the quality requirements for exporting to developed countries such as the United States and Europe.

Customized Solutions: Customize design the most suitable equipment according to your condition and frozen products.

Product Application

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Aquatic Products
Aquatic Products

Aquatic Products

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Seafood on ice

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